Awaken to More Purpose Joy and Freedom in Your Life

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stuck in life? Is your life out of balance, and you feel unappreciated?  Are you doing too much for others and not enough for yourself? Do you feel like you can't do what you want because you have no time? If you landed here, You've come to the right place and are meant to be here! There is a way to stop and embrace better possibilities to create optimal health and wellness in all areas of your life.


Awaken to More Purpose, Joy and Freedom in Your Life...

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Wakeful Wellness:  Three Easy Steps to More Purpose, Joy and Freedom in Your Life

  • Develop more awareness about your experience in the moment
  • Think differently about your choices 
  • Set your desires into motion and move forward with possibilities

Not taking an action step to change your life will only guarantee one thing. Your life as a status quo!   The question is how is that serving you?

If you are ready to find more joy and feel exhilarating freedom in your life, this free gift can help you get started with the life you deserve.

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Wakeful Wellness Coaching helps you:

  • Create your desires and do what makes you happy every day.
  • Discover your purpose and bring it to light with more passion than ever.
  • Experience more positive energy, free time and joy.

One thing you don't want to do is to give in to the feeling of being overwhelmed and do absolutely nothing about it.  Some of you may be at the beginning of your awareness and need a step by step process. Some of you may already have some clarity but feel stuck taking the next step to continue moving your life forward. 

Either way, you are not alone and it is easier than you might think! 

When you are ready, we've got this!

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Are you facing some big changes in your life?

New Beginnings:
Implementing Sustainable Change

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Often times women are compelled to think they must sacrifice to become the ultimate "woman," who can do it all. In reality, Wakeful Wellness is about following your dreams and passion and discovering your authentic self. Once you schedule, we will spend 45 minutes on the phone getting to know one another, exploring your interests and answering your questions.  Use the scheduling link below to set up a time convenient for you.