Meet Lisa Fardoux

To me, the most important thing we can do in our lifetime is “WAKE UP” to who we truly are and to understand ourselves as a being and a soul. To ask ourselves: What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the deeper meaning of my life? Where do I start to figure it out?

I remember as a little girl, I asked myself these questions. I always knew there was something bigger than me and I wanted to deeply understand “why” and “what” IT was. I asked ‘why’ to everything!

Have you ever wondered…..? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why does life seem so challenging sometimes? Why do I try so hard and I still don’t seem to be happy? Isn’t there something more to life than what I am doing? 

Well… Let me tell you from my own experience, and it has been a 30-year journey to figure it out, but when I did, I felt sooooooo FREE!! Feeling FREE in the midst of chaos is an exhilarating experience and one that I am happy to feel over and over again!!

My desire is to help you feel that way too, so you don't have to spend years figuring it out! You will realize there IS so much to learn about why we are here and what our purpose is. And you will figure out how to FEEL HAPPY and FREE even when everything seems to be hitting the fan. 

I have always had this gift of seeing the bigger picture of life from a higher perspective.  I describe it as a puzzle without the border. Instead of starting with the border first, life's experiences are the puzzle pieces but if you are open to learn and grow, the puzzle pieces keep expanding. It is like you start to understand life and it's meaning from a larger perspective and knowing this helps us to know our true potential.

When I think about what makes me vibe with the most joy and feel completely alive and exhilarated, it has always been when I was talking with someone and they had an ah-ha moment of complete awareness and clarity. I call this "Igniting the spark within" and then they start to remember who they really are. It is like something inside them turns on! My girlfriends would always say to me how much I helped them and that I should be a coach so I can help others too. So I listened to them and I am so happy that I did!

I have become certified as a LifeLine Practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and a Law of Attraction coach. I have a tremendous understanding of the "why" about life. It is my passion to share what I have learned with those willing to know the potential of themselves.


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This is what Julie said about relationships after we worked together....

There is ease in coaching with Lisa and it comes naturally. Lisa is very easy to open up to and a certain comfort level exists with her. Talking with her has helped me understand my past relationships with my family members and move through old wounds. Lisa also helped me look at things differently and see the positive side of it. I learned to focus on my behavior, to have better relationships and to not repeat the same patterns that I grew up with.


Hear how Suzanne began to clear her blunders, blocks and walls....

Lisa helped me to realize, there are tools to use that apply to any situation in life. Situations with family, work, and self-doubt about our own inadequacies, and with practice in using these tools and techniques it makes a huge difference.

Lisa's coaching is helpful to everyone in every avenue of life’s journey. She helped me to promote a healthy, happy sense of well-being while providing me with positive feedback and suggestions to use. Her ability and knowledge to help clear my blunders, blocks, and walls and to get clarity about my unseen path and redirect me on a happier healthier path was amazing.

Lisa gave me constant positive feedback and understanding, which promoted healing and showed me a new way to approach both good and bad challenges in my life.


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