New Beginnings: Implementing Sustainable Change

New Beginnings Implementing Sustainable Change                

Does change hit you hard? If you answered “yes”…why do you think that is?

We know that change is inevitable and there’s really no way around it. 

But people still freak out about it, worry about what’s lurking around the corner, and wonder when the proverbial “other shoe” is going to drop.

If you want to ease the resistance, stress, uncertainty, worry and feelings of dread that change can bring, then this 3 Part Workshop Series is for you.

The minute you begin the workshop and work your way through the series,  you’ll be more prepared to handle virtually any change that comes your way.

With this new perspective, your life will be easier and more enjoyable, and you’ll be better equipped to handle life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Are you Ready to Embrace the Change in your Life?

Are you ready to feel more confident, fearless and prepared for your transition or transformation?. Join this workshop series and together we will get to the new beginnings you desire in your life. Change takes time and goes through three distinct stages. 

New Beginnings - Implementing Sustainable Change

Here is what's covered in each of the Workshops:

Workshop 1:  Sustainable Change: Release and Let Go

Focus on the change you want to experience in your next life transition or transformation. Identify your reactions to change and what keeps you stuck. Create a plan to release and let go so you can move forward. Connect to your true “Why” and the importance the transition will create in your life.  

Workshop 2:  Sustainable Change: Shift through the Neutral Zone

Often in transition, we find ourselves in a place between what has ended and what has yet to begin.   This can feel both terrifying and also exciting. The neutral zone takes time.  In this workshop, you identify the actions to help you get through the neutral zone while receiving the accountability and coaching support to step into change and move forward.

Workshop 3:  Sustainable Change: Embrace a New Beginning

Your new beginning is your next destination.  The work has been done to release, let go, and shift in the neutral zone.  Now it's time to accept and empower your thoughts, attitudes and actions to not only embrace the change in small doses but to create the ripple effects that lead to achieving the desires and dreams in your new beginning.  

Here is what's included with each of the Workshops:

  • 90 Minute Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • Handouts and follow up "fun work"  to deepen the learning and shift into action
  • Access to recordings and additional resources in our private member site
  • Encouragement, Support and Accountability along the way

Your Investment – 

Sign up for each individual workshop for only $27

Or, enroll in all three for $47, saving you $34! 


Space is limited to a small group!  Save your seat!

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Are you facing some big changes in your life?

New Beginnings:
Implementing Sustainable Change

3 Part Workshop Series

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