Stop Worrying Start Living: More Peace and Calm Moving Forward

If you feel you sometimes have an anxious approach to life, are pre-occupied by “what ifs”, or let your negative thoughts run away with you, then you are dramatically impacting your happiness, relationships, peace of mind, and even your health!

You probably have a million reasons why it’s okay to worry, and a few real-life examples of how worry has helped you. I get it.  Sometimes it IS okay to worry!

But here’s some important information you need to know.

>>Excessive, habitual worry is the #1 contributor to stress-related illnesses, anxiety, depression, and worse. It’s been linked to heart attacks, mental illness, and perhaps worst of all.

>>Habitual worry robs you of the ability to actually solve the problems that you’re worried about.

Fortunately, the worry habit is actually pretty easy to break, and I want to help you.

Stop Worrying & Start Living:
How to Let Go and Find Peace in the Face of Life’s Uncertainties

This training is a 5 module online course that addresses the patterns that drive excessive worry and anxiety, PLUS time-tested techniques and strategies to help you break the cycle and regain your strength so that you can live a happy, healthy life of joy, connection, and exhilarating self-control.

Here are just a few of the things you will discover in this life-changing offer:

  • The difference between toxic and healthy worry…this piece may surprise you
  • 9 destructive thought patterns commonly caused by excessive worry
  • The absolute WORST way to handle worry (you see this done ALL the time)
  • The 7 rules of worry-free people…and how to apply them to your life
  • A fool-proof strategy for catching, challenging and changing your worrisome thoughts
  • 4 specific tools to use to address a problem and find a solution, so you can put your worries to rest

And much, much more…

This training is offered with two options, both at a very low cost. 

Option 1:  Stop Worrying & Start Living Online Training.  Work at your own pace, but not necessarily on your own.  Each of the modules has a discussion post area to communicate with me so that I may address your questions or help you when you get stuck.   

Option 2:  Stop Worrying & Start Living Online Training Plus Coaching.  Get the online training, complete with discussion posts, Plus two coaching sessions with me to help you make the most of your learning.  

 Wow! What an amazing deal!